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On November 4, 2013 we were in Surprise at Surprise Park in northwestern suburb of the Phoenix area. Today we saw the game between the Scottsdalle Scorpions (Atl, SF, NYM, Pit and NYY) and the Peoria Javalins (Hou, Sea, SD, Phil, KC). Peoria is playing in Surprise this year due to renovations being done at their park. This is the last time this fall I will see Scottsdale or Peoria.

The weather was wonderful today with the highs in the low 80’s and bright cloudless sunshine. A few high clouds are approaching from the northwest and they portend of the first chance of any recipiation this entire fall. And if it omes it will be a dew drops if it happens.

This game was a battle into extra innings. Robby Hefflinger of Atlanta is a hard swinging big man who all too often misses but he connected in the top…

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