Yesterday and today I’ve found myself itching to run another half marathon. For weeks I’ve been fondly recalling details of the Inaugural Women’s Running Magazine Half Marathon T and I ran walk-ran. The decision to run it came as a result of feelings of nostalgia over the first half I ran (oddly enough, also an inaugural race- the RNR San Antonio), a new-found love of running for T following a summer PE class and a delight over the pink extravaganza that the swag bags, Crocs, tech T’s and medals promised to deliver.

We had only one goal: to finish. We learned countless lessons. We finished feeling a great sense of accomplishment.

The memories now tumble over each other and I am compelled to pour over the photos, to recapture in some small way the excitement surrounding the race.

As I sit here corralling my thoughts into semi-coherence, I realize…

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